Retailers' Challenges

Many retailers and suppliers share these challenges:

  1. Hard competition
  2. Customer loyalty is decreasing and the market is segmented
  3. Consumers are more demanding and the number of products is ever-increasing
  4. Customer needs are different store-by-store
  5. There is a pressure to react fast with limited resources

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This is what we can help you do:


1. Optimize your assortment to win the competition

Analyse² Assortment Planning solution helps you deal with the tough competition on the market. Our answer is to optimize the assortments according to your strategy. We help you use your strengths to win the game. 

2. Focus on the shoppers and increase their loyalty

The Analyse² Assortment Planning solution targets the assortment to your most valuable customer segments. By creating shopper-centric assortments you will be able to increase customer loyalty and win market shares where it matters the most. Our solution makes it easy to react to high or low consumption.

3. Please demanding customers

With not only the best products, but also the best combination of products, you can please demanding customers. Analyse² Assortment Planning solution builds on understanding shopper groups and their preferences. With this understanding, you will be able to efficiently create an optimized assortment that serves all customers without having duplicate products.

4. Meet needs store-by-store

Instead of going with a one-size-fits-all assortment, the Analyse² Assortment Planning creates a store-by-store localized assortment to satisfy all your customers. We’ll help you find the stores with the biggest improvement potential. Without sacrificing volume we’ll also make it possible for you to tap into pockets of additional revenue.

5. React fast with the right tools

With more efficient tools and processes you can react faster in spite of limited resources. The Analyse² Assortment Planning solution’s automation and ease-of-use will help you plan assortments faster and save costs. With Analyse² Category Analytics you will be able to get a clear view of how assortment actions are turned into results.


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