We help our customers get the assortment management solution that suits their needs best. Below you can read more about our specific services, but since all markets and customer projects are different, we will build our offering to fit the specific requirements of each case. 

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Consultancy, Delivery and Support

Our consultants and analysts help you with shopper-centric category management, analysis and implementation of Analyse² solutions. We ensure you get the business solution customized to your needs and integrated into your systems. We deliver as you wish, hosted in the cloud or in your dedicated environment. We offer your team the training needed to succeed with Analyse² solutions. Our helpdesk is there for you if you need assistance.

Product Information Management

Have all the product information you need to understand your assortment and ensure that it covers customer demand properly. We offer expertise in building shopper-centric merchandise classifications and product hierarchies. We maintain  product information for an enormous amount of products, covering product attributes that drive purchase decisions in your categories. Analyse² solutions use this unique product information to locate demand gaps and reveal insights that you can turn into additional revenue. 

Market Trend Modeling

Understand consumer trends and market drivers. We offer market trend modeling that lists the most relevant trends and shows which products link to which trend. This is possible only using our unique product information assets. Use Analyse² solutions to see how different shopper segments prefer different trends and how sales are developing for weight management, indulgence, ethics & ecology and convenience to name just a few.


Shopper and Basket Segmentation

Segment your shoppers and baskets according to real shopping behavior. We offer segmentation services, which reveal your shoppers’ needs and preferences from the most reliable source: their actual purchases. Study segments in Analyse² Shopper Insights and find the relevant insights. Use Analyse² Assortment Planning to target your assortments and win loyalty and market share in your most important segments. 

Store Clustering

Group stores that serve similar shopper demand and learn how to meet the needs of your local customer base. Our services produce a clustering based on real shopping behavior. Use Analyse² solutions to localize assortments for specific clusters, and to find insights about local shopping behavior.

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