Analyse² Assortment Planning

Turn your shoppers’ needs and demand into assortments. Analyse² Assortment Planning solution enables you to serve your consumers with the optimal product mix, resulting in increased shopper satisfaction, sales and profitability. It helps you find demand gaps, remove duplicate products, serve shopper preferences efficiently, and win market share. Our easy-to-use solution offers advanced analytics, and is delivered as a SaaS model. 

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Our Assortment Planning Solution can help you:   

  • Increase sales, profitability and improve the success rate of novelties.
  • Forecast what sells and which combination of products maximize sales.
  • Pick out the best products and ensure that the product mix is optimal. 
  • Create assortments more efficiently and save time. 
  • Target your assortment to meet the needs of your most valuable customer segments as well as increase customer loyalty.
  • Adapt assortment to local demand and this way reap out the maximum potential of each store.
  • Establish retail-supplier collaboration to harness full market knowledge in assortment planning.

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 With our Assortment Planning Solution you can:

Forecast what sells best

The Analyse² Assortment Planning forecasts demand for specific products and product categories. It helps you select the best selling products and helps you replace low performing products with better ones. The success of novelties can be forecasted using Analyse²’s uniquely gathered product information. You will benefit from increased revenues, less out-of-stock situations and increased margins due to lower wastage of products.  

Create a shopper-centric assortment

With the Analyse² Assortment Planning you can easily target your assortment to meet the needs of your most important customer segments. You can have tailored assortments to meet the segments of your choice, making it possible for you to increase your market share in those segments.

Optimize the product mix

To maximize total sales you need the best products and the best combination of products. You can find the perfect combination by using our solution’s shopper-centric-demand, substitution and incremental sales model. This way you can serve a wider variety of shopper with a smaller scale of products. The result is better shopper loyalty and satisfaction as well as less cannibalization between different products. You can also increase margins by substituting duplicate products for ones with higher margins.

Serve customer needs

Customers have different needs and your challenge is to create a balanced assortment, which caters to all those needs. With Analyse² Assortment Planning you can create the optimal assortment. Using high quality merchandise classification and the most important product attributes of your category our solution shows you how your assortment answers to customer demand. It will help you identify gaps of unmet needs as well as excess in the assortment, for example duplicate products.

Save time

Enjoy assortment automation, ease-of-use and efficient workflows. You will get assortment recommendations automatically. You make the changes you wish and implement the plan in the stores. Our solutions reduce the amount of time and work needed for planning assortments and therefore saves costs.

Adapt to local demand

We can help you serve local needs more efficiently. High-volume products should still be available in all stores, but you can tailor parts of the assortments to better cater shopper needs in individual stores. In addition, you can identify stores with the greatest potential for improvement. We’ll simply help you tap into local pockets of additional revenue while still keeping volumes in good shape.

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