Analyse² Shopper Insights

Analyse² Shopper Insights helps retailers and suppliers identify their customers' needs and implement that understanding as facts into an assortment planning process. We offer a unique way to use product information and trend modeling, combined with advanced analytics. 


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With deeper understanding of your customers you can: 

  • Understand shopper segments and their needs                                              
  • Understand local customer base and demand             
  • Segment your shoppers according to their behavior
  • Identify the most valuable shopper segments

Shopper Understanding helps you:

Get a deeper understanding of shopper needs

We have made it easy for you to interpret and profile the segments with the help of trend segmentation. You will see which shopper segments prefer certain categories, brands, formats, suppliers or Analyse² TrendInsight™ shopper trends. Additionally, you can review the products with certain attributes, product features (including nutritional facts, package size, price class and environmental concerns). You can use this to get an overview of shoppers or to study specific groups, such as the heavy users of a certain brand.

Segment your shoppers

Analyse² provides retailers and suppliers the most accurate methods in the market for bringing greater understanding of shopping behavior and shopper needs. Analyse² TrendInsight™ shopper trends can be used to segment shoppers into behavioral segments. You will be able to see how these segments differ in their needs and preferences. You can use behavioral segmenting when targeting your assortments and activities to your most important customer segments. In addition, with this solution, you are able to feed any relevant information about shopper segments into your strategy work, as well as give your marketing, sales and category managers tools for fact-based decision making. 

Understand local demand

Product Information Management and Analyse² TrendInsight™ shopper trend modeling can also be used to segment stores into store clusters with similar shopping behavior. Using this approach, it is easy to understand the customer base. It also gives you insight on preferences and shopping behavior in your store formats, from high-level trends to item-level details. 

Identify the most important shopper segments

You get the overview of true shopping behavior by analyzing how different shopper segments emphasize products with certain attributes or products of a specific shopping trend. It shows how much each shopper segment spends according to his or her preferences. You also see who the most important shopper segments are for you, you learn what they prefer, and you can act on it to win shares in your target group.

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