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Employee Stories – Hanna-Leena, Retail Consultant

August 24th 2017

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We deep dive into the lives of our Analyse² employees in this series of blog posts.

At the time of the interview Hanna-Leena was a retail consultant, nowadays she is product and customer success manager and leads the customer success team of our retail solutions.

What's in your shopping basket?

You will most likely find novelty products from my shopping basket. I like to follow food trends and thanks to my work, I often find out about novelty products before they appear to store shelfs.

When and how did you end up joining Analyse²?

I joined Analyse² in the beginning of 2012. I ended up here already when I was studying - product and marketing team was looking for help with a few months project. The project ended and I got a chance to continue as a part time employee. Little by little my responsibilities grew and I have been lucky to get new challenges inside the organization. After I graduated I have been working as a full time employee.

“Best thing in my job is to see the products produced by our company in the use of customers”

Best aspect of your work?

Best thing in my job is to see the products produced by our company in the use of customers, and that I got to cooperate with almost all teams of our company.

Who do you admire?

I admire my colleagues who commute by bike all year around!

In three words, what's it like to work for Analyse²?

Successful, humorous and flexible.

“I can´t whistle or wink.”

If you were a superhero who would you be? Why?

Super Goof, because Goof can fly and is so sympathetic?

What's your workday like?

I prepare trainings and train our customers to use Analyse² tools. Besides that I test new features our product development develops to our tools. I can also work as a consult at our customer.

Tell us something not everyone you work with knows about you.

I can´t whistle or wink.

Any hobbies?

After work I often go to gym or to swim, I also like to read books and watch Netflix.