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Missing Your Keys to A Successful Product Launch?

October 23rd 2017

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Analyse² breakfast seminar offered keys to more successful product launches in late September. Three seminar speakers, Ville Tolvanen (CEO, Digitalist Group & Network), Sirpa Koppinen-Lindström (Sales Director, Kesko Oyj PT) and Juha Vesanto (Director Analytics, Analyse²) shared their views about importance of business intelligence and shared information.

Collaborate and Communicate

So, what did we learn from the speeches of Ville, Sirpa and Juha? How to find those keys and open the doors to more successful product launches? As we learned, information and technology are not enough. You need to make use of it. Shared information, like data, is a valuable resource that can be learned from and lead into change for the better.

When sharing information and working together the chances finding those keys is more likely. You might need to dig deeper and gather hints on the way. You might need to turn to someone or feel doubt. But with the right information and tips your chances to achieve your goals are much better.

With the right information and tips your chances to achieve your goals are much better.

To Buy or not to Buy?

The success of a product launch is ultimately measured in terms of sales. But it is not sufficient to only look at how much people purchased. As Juha told us, it is also important to go deeper and analyze did they repeat their purchases – the repurchase rate tells you valuable information on how many saw the product worth buying again. These figures can be your key to understand how to create those star products that keep on twinkling. But remember that…

  • Repurchase rate can give you important information about the product launch, but it´s essential to benchmark with similar products and goals of your launch.
  • To get reliable and understandable information you need to be aware of how to interpret data.
  • No information is useful unless you make use of it – when it comes to information and sharing: more is more!


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