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New release of Analyse² Planning tools with the main focus on campaign overview and markdown follow-up

June 13th 2018

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The latest updates to Analyse² Planning tools are enhancing clarity and bringing new markdown follow-up features which make it easier to stay up to date of your stock levels, sales, margins and act accordingly with your end-of-life products.

All the campaign information in one place

In our recent blog post about promotions we emphasize the importance of dedicated campaign planning tools in order to simplify the planning process, make smarter decisions and manage the promotions more transparently and effectively. To make sure our tools are providing most value for the retailer, we have been working on renewing the campaign overview with the relevant KPIs. With one glance, a user can easily see all the active and planned campaigns. By double clicking into individual campaign, he gets more detailed information about the offers including, for example, the needed shelf space and media plans.

Follow effectively the sales of your end of life products

When the space is limited and new products are just around the corner, you want to get rid of the existing stock as profitably as possible. With the new markdown follow-up feature and the markdown report, you are always up to date of your end of life products’ stock levels, sales and profit within the sales period. As the data is always in sync with the actual sell-out data, you are able to make the most profitable mark-down decisions and clear the stock with the best possible margin.

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