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A² Assortment Planning

Increase sales, profitability and shopper satisfaction with an optimal product mix

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Better assortment management and buying

Your product mix is the cornerstone of your retail concept. Analyse² Assortment Planning for Hardlines & Softlines ensures you meet your shopper demand according to your strategy. Drive process with goals and budgets. Manage macro-level product mix, create category assortment strategies and plan item-level assortments accordingly.

Buy against your budget with full visibility to inventories, open purchases and demand forecast for the coming season. Manage product information for novelty items and new collections before making the decision to list them. With A² Pricing, you can integrate life-cycle pricing to the same solution.

Improve the quality of your assortment decisions

Increased sales, margin and inventory turnover

Less capital invested in stock

Minimized markdown and price erosion

More satisfied and loyal shoppers

Improve the efficiency and manageability of your business

Better control of business, budgets and merchandising execution

Formalized, transparent buying and better purchase power

Improved management visibility and streamlined processes

Less data entry and manual work, fewer errors

“The assortment is not just suitable anymore, we are hitting right in the target.”

Ari Akseli

VP Grocery Division


Solution for the whole process

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Macro-level product mix

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Category demand modeling for space allocation

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Category assortment strategy

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Subcategory and brand demand modeling for assortment width and depth decisions

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Item-level demand forecasting and optimization

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Item-level demand forecasting and assortment optimization

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Price optimization and price elasticity

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Purchase plan and volume estimates

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Item-level demand forecasting and inventory optimization

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Visual merchan-dising and store guidelines

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Item-level space optimization with facings, shelf inventory and visual minimum

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In-season adjustments and markdown

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Markdown optimization with timing and price scaling

Macro-level product mix & category assortment strategy

Meet the shopper demand with better assortment strategies

Serving your shoppers with a great product mix starts from the correct allocation of floor space to different merchandise categories. Group stores into category specific clusters according to their customer demand and size. Allocate appropriate space to each category in each cluster.

Continue to assortment category strategies that ensure that each category answers to the wants and needs of your shoppers. Define the assortment width and assortment structure for each store cluster in each category/ brand considering shopper demand, your store concept, market trends, sales targets & budgets and €/m².

Item-level assortment and pricing

Execute your assortment strategies with items that delight your shoppers

Choose correct items for maximum sales and shopper satisfaction considering the assortment strategy and available space. Demand forecasts and assortment listing/delisting recommendations help you decide the correct items and store coverage for continuous assortments. Product information management capabilities ensure that you can plan your assortment with clear understanding on the new collections and next-gen models to be available for your planned period.

Analyse² Pricing add-on module lets you price items for correct price image, competitive position and max. profit. Enjoy the convenience of pricing in the same solution you use to plan assortments.

Buying and purchase planning

Buy less, sell more

Estimate needed volumes and buy according to purchase plan to invest correct amount of capital to stock. Analyse²    Assortment Planning forecast the need-to-buy and helps you monitor your buying budget. You gain capital efficiency and avoid both out-of-stock and overstocking. Purchase reporting makes buying transparent and provides management visibility to buying.

In-season adjustments and markdown

React timely and protect margin

Monitor and adjust in-season implementation as needed and time & scale markdowns optimally to minimize price erosion. A² Pricing has a markdown module with price elasticity modeling to help you start markdowns just-in-time and minimize the price reductions while still clearing your inventory before the season is over.

Part of a platform that has it all

Analyse² Assortment Planning is part of a powerful retail software suite, Analyse² Merchandising Platform, that provides most relevant merchandising solutions designed to work seamlessly together.

Easy to use user interface
Built with modern web standards, our solutions have easy to use user interfaces to carry out everyday tasks. This ensures end users embrace their new tools and realize their full benefit.

Analytics for smart decisions
Analyse² Analytics Engine provides the forecasting and optimization smarts you need to plan your product mix, pricing and campaigns. Short and long-term volume forecast, cannibalization and price elasticity, all included.

Scalable cloud backend
Analyse² Merchandising Platform uses cloud technology to give you the best performance/cost ratio and scalability.

Single source of the truth
Analyse² Data Warehouse integrates to all relevant systems in your infrastructure be it PIM, ERP, SCM system, POS or something else. You can make decisions with all needed data up to date in our solutions.