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Share information with your supplier partners to improve business for both parties

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Serve shoppers better together

Analyse² Category Analytics is a retailer-supplier collaboration platform that allows retailers to share data with their supplier partners. This gives suppliers an opportunity to offer better recommendations on what actions to carry out to improve business for both parties. Predefined reports and analysis workflows are immediately available to distribute best analysis practices through the value chain. Additional data sources such as loyalty program and campaign data can be added on top of a foundation of point-of-sale data, each improving ease and accuracy of leading with data-driven insights.

Improve the quality of your supplier collaboration and reap the benefits

Better collaboration and smarter decisions on the shared market facts

Efficient use of suppliers’ expertize and saved time

Improved results and more satisfied shoppers with fact based decisions

Security of a dedicated collaboration platform

“Our understanding of shopper behavior has increased and we understand the success factors of brand activations much better. This enables us to build value for our business as well as for our customers.”

Hanna Johansson

Director, Strategy & Insights


Efficient supplier collaboration

Help your suppliers help you succeed. Provide them with relevant category information, shopper insights and performance metrics of past actions. Utilize their expertize to improve your performance and save time on your side. When armed with Analyse² Category Analytics your suppliers can suggest better promotional offers, recommend tactics to improve category sales and improve success rates of product launches.


Modules to drive your performance

Analyse² Category Analytics consists of five modules, each available for use of both supplier partners and retailers own personnel.

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Category Review

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Understand current situation and discover potential within your categories

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Promotion Analysis

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Know which promotional activities work and which don't. Plan coming promotions accordingly

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Product Launch

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Track the performance of your product launch from day one and adjust actions if needed

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Basket Analysis

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See what items and categories are bought together and analyze shopping situations

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Heavy Shopper

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Find your heavy shoppers and understand their shopping behavior

Category Review

Understand development potential of your categories

Category Review is the foundation of all analysis for your categories. It shows you how different subcategories, suppliers, brands and individual items are contributing to your category’s performance and how they are trending. Use Category Review to understand current situation and to find development potential and opportunities for assortment adjustments for your category.

Promotion Analysis and Product Launch

Promote and launch successfully

Know which promotions and product launches work and which don’t. See and compare promotional lifts and find out what kind of campaigns have lasting effects. Find out which shopper groups took the offer and performance in different channels and stores. Identify best products to promote and how competing brands and category totals are affected. Benchmark your product launches to previous ones and see repurchase rates to determine if you are gaining traction in the market.

Basket Analysis & Heavy Shopper Analysis

Understand shopping behavior

Understand shopper insights and reveal shopper segments that are most interesting to your brands and categories. Understand shopping situations from impulse buying to weekend baskets. See what items are bought together and how sales in different categories correlate. Find out who are the heavy shoppers of different brands, items and categories and how they behave.

Part of a platform that has it all

Analyse² Category Analytics is part of a powerful retail software suite, Analyse² Merchandising Platform, that provides most relevant merchandising solutions designed to work seamlessly together.

Easy to use user interface
Built with modern web standards, our solutions have easy to use user interfaces to carry out everyday tasks. This ensures end users embrace their new tools and realize their full benefit.

Scalable cloud backend
Analyse² Merchandising Platform uses cloud technology to give you the best performance/cost ratio and scalability.

Analytics for smart decisions
Analyse² Analytics Engine provides the forecasting and optimization smarts you need to plan your product mix, pricing and campaigns. Short and long-term volume forecast, cannibalization and price elasticity, all included.

Single source of the truth
Analyse² Data Warehouse integrates to all relevant systems in your infrastructure be it PIM, ERP, SCM system, POS or something else. You can make decisions with all needed data up to date in our solutions.