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Share information with your supplier partners to improve business for both parties

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Serve shoppers better together

A² Category Analytics is a retailer-supplier collaboration platform that allows retailers to share data with their supplier partners, empowering them to become true experts on their product categories. The platform fosters shared understanding of category, product, promotion and shopper insights. This allows suppliers to provide you with specific recommendations for developing your product categories, improving business for both parties.

Improve the quality of your supplier collaboration and reap the benefits

Better collaboration and smarter decisions on the shared market facts

Efficient use of suppliers’ expertize and saved time

Increased shopper satisfaction through improved shopper insight and fact-based decisions

Marketing activations that support your target shopper strategy

“Our understanding of shopper behavior has increased and we understand the success factors of brand activations much better. This enables us to build value for our business as well as for our customers.”

Hanna Johansson

Director, Strategy & Insights


Efficient collaboration model

Provide your supplier partners with relevant category information, shopper insights and performance metrics of past actions. Use their category expertise to improve your performance and save your time. When armed with A² Category Analytics and relevant insight, your supplier partners can make full use of their expertise to improve business for both parties: suggesting better promotional offers, recommending tactics to improve category sales, and improving success rates of product launches.

The platform

Modules to drive your performance

Our collaboration platform consist of six modules, each available for the use of
both your supplier partners and your own personnel.

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Category Review

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Understand current situation and discover potential within your categories

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Promotion Analysis

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Know which promotional activities work and which don't. Plan coming promotions accordingly

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Product Launch

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Track the performance of your product launch from day one and adjust actions if needed

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Basket Analysis

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See what items and categories are bought together and analyze shopping situations

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Find your shoppers and understand their shopping behavior

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Develop product coverage and maximize the sales


Why is Analyse² the best partner to boost your supplier collaboration?

We have a deep understanding of FMCG industry, both from the retailer and
the supplier side. We are experienced in running ecosystems and managing collaboration platforms. A great user experience is a priority for us and we
consistently receive top scores from our users. We rely on
modern technologies with full scalability.

Experienced in running collaboration platforms

Analyse² has over 13 years of experience in running ecosystems
and 100+ supplier customers.

Strong industry expertise

Our deep understanding of both retailers and suppliers helps create
substantial business benefits through high quality insights.

Possibility for turnkey service

Analyse² can take care of sales, training and support of the solution, minimizing retailer's efforts.

Superior user experience for your supplier partners

Our solution provides a unique combination of advanced analytics,
easy-to-use reports, and descriptive visuals.