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Improve profits and price image by pricing effectively

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Stay competitive with healthy margins

Analyse² Pricing is an add-on module that brings pricing functionality conveniently to Analyse² Assortment Planning. Manage margin through the whole life-cycle of your merchandise. Set initial pricing while creating assortment and buying plans, finalize and optimize when executing the plans. React fast in-season and time & scale markdowns correctly to minimize price erosion while still ensuring that you clear inventories by the end of the season. Implement your pricing strategy as you wish, deploying powerful pricing methods such as price benchmarking, localized pricing, pricing optimization and role- & rule-based pricing according to your needs.

Improve the quality of your pricing decisions with pricing analytics and reap the benefits

Increased profitability and competitiveness

Efficient pricing and faster reaction to competitor actions

Better price image, more satisfied shoppers

Better visibility to and ability to forecast margin


Life-cycle pricing and assortment planning together

Decisions on pricing, assortment and item flow are intertwined no matter if we are talking about pre-season planning or in-season execution. Analyse² Pricing solves these issues elegantly, fusing pricing functionality to Analyse² Assortment Planning. From initial price planning to executing end season clearance, Analyse² Pricing offers the pricing tools you need conveniently from the same platform that manages your product mix and buying.

Price optimization, automation and rules

Price efficiently, save time, react fast

Increase pricing efficiency with easy-to-use pricing solution that includes pricing rules, price optimization and price automation. More efficient pricing more than saves time. Analyse² Pricing allows your team to react faster to changes in the market and react to competitors’ actions. Our solution offers all information needed for pricing decisions, including demand forecasting that understands price elasticities.

Price benchmarking and pricing roles

Maintain correct price image to win

Position correctly against competition. Analyse² Pricing can use price benchmarking data so that you can decide how to position to and if to follow competitor pricing.

Maintain aggressive pricing only for a subset of your merchandise and make your profit where shoppers allow it. Analyse² Pricing offers pricing strategies that allow grouping of items to different roles and rules to manage them.  For example, price fighters that create your price image, premium items that bring the margin, followers that follow your competitor’s price or other brands.

Localized pricing

Price according to competitive situation

Localize pricing to reflect diverse competitive situations and varied costs of running your business in different locations.  Use more aggressive price levels in areas of hardest competition. Forecast and see how price differentiation would affect your margin.

Markdown pricing

Optimize markdowns to protect margin

Minimize markdowns to ensure that your profitability stays on form while you clear inventory to prepare for the next season. Analyse² Pricing has inventory monitoring, demand forecasting and price elasticity models that help you pinpoint when to start markdowns and how to scale price reductions correctly.

Part of a platform that has it all

Analyse² Pricing is part of a powerful retail software suite, Analyse2 Merchandising Platform, that provides most relevant merchandising solutions designed to work seamlessly together.

Easy to use user interface
Built with modern web standards, our solutions have easy to use user interfaces to carry out everyday tasks. This ensures end users embrace their new tools and realize their full benefit.

Analytics for smart decisions
Analyse² Analytics Engine provides the forecasting and optimization smarts you need to plan your product mix, pricing and campaigns. Short and long-term volume forecast, cannibalization and price elasticity, all included.

Scalable cloud backend
Analyse² Merchandising Platform uses cloud technology to give you the best performance/cost ratio and scalability.

Single source of the truth
Analyse² Data Warehouse integrates to all relevant systems in your infrastructure be it PIM, ERP, SCM system, POS or something else. You can make decisions with all needed data up to date in our solutions.