We are committed to assortment planning. Our solution builds on a deep understanding of the market and shoppers’ behavior. The best assortment planning results are achieved in collaboration with retailers and suppliers.

We have over a 100 customers in Finland, Sweden, Mexico and Russia. Our customer base consists of retailers such as Kesko, as well as the following top suppliers: Cloetta, Mars, Sinebrychoff, Fazer Leipomot and Makeiset (Fazer Bakery and Confectionary), P&G, Lejos, Cederroth, Hartwall and Atria.

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Your company’s benefits will be:


  • Improved customer loyalty                                                               
  • Increased profitability and market share
  • Increased sales
  • Better retailer-supplier collaboration
  • Less markdowns
  • More efficient category management processes
  • Faster assortment planning process
  • Assortments that meet your local customer needs
  • Optimized shelf space usage by removing duplicates


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