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Increase same-store sales and profit

Smart merchandising platform for retailers

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What we offer

Solutions for great customer experiences and process efficiency

Today, shoppers are in charge. A² Merchandising Platform offers the tools you need to create a winning customer experience effectively. We have packaged relevant workflow, information management and retail analytics capabilities into an easy to use solution so that you can create the right product mix at the right price supported with the right promotional activity.

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A² Assortment Planning

Increase sales, profitability and customer satisfaction with an optimal product mix

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A² Pricing

Improve profits and price image by pricing effectively

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A² Campaign Planning

Maximize returns of your promotional spend

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A² Category Analytics

Share information with your supplier partners to improve business for all parties

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Why choose us

Capabilities and Benefits

Our solution allows you to control your business with budgets and goals, offers planning workflows from macro-level to item-level assortments and from campaign calendars to individual promoted items. It collects data from your existing systems and turns them into facts, forecasts and even recommended actions to ensure your decisions on assortments, pricing and campaigns hit the target.

Increased sales and margin with better, fact-based decisions

Improved management visibility and streamlined processes

Better merchandise strategies and follow- through on execution

Correctly localized assortments and targeted promotions

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Our Customers

Serving your shoppers better brings proven value

Our customers have already taken the next step in merchandise planning with the help of our solutions. They have improved their business results and gained internal process efficiencies while ensuring that they offer what the shoppers want

Increase in gross margins

Increase in sales

More assortment variants managed with the same team

Increase in customer loyalty

Where we come in

Give merchandise planning the toolset it deserves

Retail is in the midst of a disruption. Shoppers have more information, choice and power than ever. Better merchandise and campaign planning is central to answer to this revolution, as the essential backbone of retail customer experience is created with product mix, price image and promotional activity.

Unfortunately, retailer tooling concentrates often more on late-stage process, e.g. replenishment and planograms. Planning is left with a hardly manageable mix of Excels and reporting tools. It is time to give planning the toolset it deserves and reap the benefits.


Why choose us

Whole solution

We offer a solution that covers managing all key aspects of your shopper marketing mix: product mix, price and promotions - support included

Easy to use

We deliver practical solutions that support natural merchandising workflow

Leading analytics

Demand forecasting and decision recommendation engine for assortment, pricing and promo actions

High benefit – low cost

We bring tooling that was previously affordable only for the largest players available to a wide variety of retailers

“The assortment is not just suitable anymore, we are hitting right in the target.”

Ari Akseli

VP Grocery Division

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