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About us

Founded in 2004, based in Finland, operations across Europe. We believe in data-driven decision-making and in collaboration between retailers and FMCG brands being the recipe for success. 

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Data-driven decision-making as a way to develop categories and delight shoppers

Analyse² provides advanced retail analytics solutions for FMCG industry - retailers and brands. Our core offering consist of two platforms:

A² Category Analytics is a collaboration platform for FMCG and retailers that helps FMCG brands to exploit their full business potential, grow product categories, provide consumers experiences that strengthen their loyalty, and increase customer lifetime value.

A² Merchandising Platform is targeted at retailers and fuses together the most critical aspects of retail shopper experience: assortment, price, campaigns and promotions.

In our vision, everything is about shoppers.

Change in the retail industry is constant. We believe that success in this changing landscape requires understanding shopper preferences and market demand and acting on it. We bring analytics and facts on market demand to all our solutions, enabling our customers to optimize the shopper experience in all channels and ensure process efficiency. 

We offer a vast selection of services and tailored analyses to help our customers make the most of our solutions, from business process consultancy to operating model development. 

We are a privately owned company based in Finland, founded in 2004. We have over 100 customers, including many leading CPG/FMCG brands, manufacturers and retailers. 

Key Contacts


Janne Anttila


Jussi Autere


Antti Halko

Vice President, ENGINEERING

Juhani Nummi

Vice President, Sales & Customer Success

Eric Korpi

Vice President, CPG solutions

Jarkko Rahikka

Vice President, Retailer Solutions

Heini Haartti-Mäkinen

Heini Haartti-Mäkinen

Marketing Director

Timo Heiskanen